Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anantadevji at Ichalkaranji in November 06

Dear Members,

Hare Krishna!

I am very pleased to inform you all that INTERNATIONAL ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD (RYLA)- THE DEAF WAY program was held at Ichalkaranji, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra State, India from 5th to 10th November,2006. These programs were organized by Dr.Dilip Desmukh who was the first person in India introduced Bilingualism in Deaf Education in India for the first time. I had participated in these events and enjoyed the same very much. I am telling you about these programs as follows.

About 150 deaf persons including those from Australia, Philippines, Belgium and Nigeria and attended the event. Inaugural ceremony was held on 5th November 2006.

1) Mr.A.S.Narayanan, General Secretary, National Association for the Deaf, New Delhi gave his lecture in his sign language on “ The Self-Image of the Deaf Individual”. This paper deals with the importance of Identity, the development context, family life, education, communication barrier and how a deaf person relates with the world around them, Perpesective of Deafness and understanding of the concept of rights and empowerment.

2) Mr.Sujit Sahsrabudhe and Mr.Shafique Khan, both deaf from Mumbai gave their lecture in sign language on “ Sketches of Deaf Education in India and Adult literacy”. This paper describes a comparative statement between sign deaf school using sign language and using deaf school using oralism. They explained about education of deaf adults.

3) Dr.Surinder Radhwa, Lady educator from Dehradun presented her paper on “Bilingualism in Deaf Education”. This demonstrates how deaf school can use Bilingualism in deaf education. Bilingualism means teaching two languages to the deaf. The first Langugage is Sign language and the second language is the spoken language (not speech). Sign Language is the mother tongue of the deaf.

4) Ms.Natividal P (Hearing) . and Ms.Jessie (Deaf), both from Philippines gave LCD presentation on “Deaf Culture in Philippines”. And it deals with behavior, food taste, humors, communication and education of deaf people of Philippines.

5) Dr. Jorson Fernades, a cardologist (Hearing) from Goa present his paper with help of sign language interpreter on “ Adult Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Course”. He demonstrates how we can make emergency aids on any person who suffers from heart attack or choking in throat. He gave useful tips. He also presented one paper on “Leadership is Action, not Position”. It gave us a lot of inspirations about leadership qualities.

6) Ms.Josie Hodgetts and Mr.Joshua Levitzke both deaf from Australia gave their presentation through sign language and LCD Projectors on “Deaf Culture in Australia”. They explained about technology used in Australia for deaf. i.e. TDD, alarm, door bell, T.V. caption device etc. This made all of us strive for need for such technology in India.

7) Ms. Ruma Roka, Noida, Delhi gave her presentation in sign language on “ Deaf Issues and Communication”. This lecture is very wonderful.

8) Dr. Anil Mokashi, hearing lecturer, gave his lecture with help of sign language interpreter on “Education of the Deaf- Practical Experience” It deals how deaf children start to learn in deaf school and home and sign language is very important tool for communication for early age children.

9) Mr. R. Narasimham, Chennai, gave his lecture on “Vocational Rehabilitation of the Deaf in Developing countries”. He gave detailed charts about technical training institutes, various trades, educational qualification and opportunities, colleges, Job opportunities, reservations etc for the deaf in India.

10) Ms. Monica Punjabi, Indore gave her lecture on “Role of Interpreter in Deaf culture”. It deals with importance of sign language interpreter. Her lecture is very interesting and I can understand well what will sign Interpreter do for deaf persons.

11) Mr. Alok Kejriwal, Chairman, India Deaf Expo2007 and deaf businessman from Mumbai was a Chief Guest for the event on 10th November. He explained to all participants about deaf issues. He asked all deaf persons to join one unity to fight against government on deaf issues.

12) Three deaf persons from Nigeria – Jonathan Tinat, Lucy Upah and Anthonia participated. They know American Sign Language very well. They said that all deaf persons use ASL and are well educated in Nigeria. Many deaf participants from Australia, Belgium and Philippines use ASL to communicate with us. We both use both Indian Sign language and ASL.

13) Shri Anantadev Das, a deaf spiritual leader and a preacher of Bhagvad-Gita gave his lecture on Yoga, Spiritual values, Messages of Bhagvad-Gita, Meditation, proverbs, Moral values from 6.00 am to 8.00 am daily for 5 days. All participants like his lecture very much. His lecture gave us peace of mind. We consider him as Guru.

14) Cultural programs were seen on every night. .

We thank Rotarian Dr.Dilip Desmukh, who organized these programs very well and these programs were very successful. We will not forget this.
Best regards.

Kiran R. Kumar,
Vadodara District,
Gujarat State