Monday, October 01, 2007


On 2nd September Shri Krishna Janmashtami programme held by Sanatana Dharma for the Deaf (a wing of Universal Sanatana Dharma) at SRN Adarsh College, Chamrajpet, Bangalore went well. Around 100 persons including a few hearing ones enjoyed lectures, LCD show, plays, spiritual lucky dip, film show, contests, pooja and prasad lunch. Anantadev’s prayer began. A play on `Sharing Fortunes’ by deaf students and physically handicapped ones of Association of People with Disabilities and other play cum ballet on `Krishna Leela’ by deaf school students of Shri B.D.Tatti (Annavaru) Memorial Charitable Trust, Laxmeshwar, Gadag, Karnataka were delightful. As a special guest, Smt Sukanya Chattopadhyay, the principal of the college gave her speech which impressed all. Anantadevji’s lecture on meditation, Bhagavad-Gita and science of soul was pleasing. Conversion Multimedia to VCD – Srimad Bhagavad-Gita by Shri Rajendra Joglekar of Pune ( IIT M.Design) was greatly applauded. Priyanka, a daughter of deaf parents, did her good job by interpreting to the audience for Sukanya, Anantadevji and Rajendra both in a voice and sign language way.

Anantadevji performed a pooja. Lunch followed.

Shri K.S.Chandramouli arranged for an exciting transcendental game. Many of the participants liked it very much. Anantadevji and Rajendra distributed prizes among the school winners of Janmashtami Painting Competition. Shri R. Sriram won Spiritual Lucky Dip by receiving an Indian comic `Amar Chitra Katha on Bhagavata’ from Anantadevji.
Finally there was an animated film show on `Lord Krishna’.

Shri K.S. Chandramouli gave a vote of thanks. Everyone enjoyed the programme.


1) To Smt Sukanya Chattopadhyay who let us to use her college auditorium for Janmashtami programme.

2) To Volunteers did excellent work for Krishna Janmashtami programme - Shri K.S.Chandramouli, Shri J.V.Jagannath, Shri K.D.Chandramouli, Shri Somusundara, Shri M.C.Ganesh, Shri Jaisal Shah (Pune), Shri Chinnappa, Shri B.Vikas, Shri C.Sharath, Shri Rikwak, Smt Padmalatha Reddy (Nellore, Andhra Pradesh), Smt Hema Chandramouli and Smt Rajendra Joglekar (Pune).

3) To Shri Somanath Mahajanshettar of Shri B.D.Tatti (Annavaru) Memorial Charitable Trust, Laxmeshwar for sending his school students for their performance

4) To students of Association of People with Disabilities for their performance and to Smt Anuradha B Muzumdar and Ms Jaagadeshwara for their support.

5) To Shri Rajendra Joglekar and Shri R.Sriram who contributed photos.

6) To Chira Information Technologies who sponsored food for the audience in memorial of Late Film Actress Soundarya.

7) To New Arya Bhavan for donating sweets

8) To all advertisers, sponsors and donors.