Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vadodara Programme

Shri Anantadev Das is lecturing to the deaf persons

SDD programme was held in Vadodara, Gujarat on Wednesday, 1st March 2006. Members of Vadodara Association Deaf enjoyed it greatly.

Shri Rajesh Ketkar's Words to Anantadev

"Our deaf members of Vadodara Assocation Deaf were inspired by your lecture on proverbs! Best warm regards."

Shri Anantadev's Message

"In Vadodara some deaf persons - Rajesh Ketkar, Smt and Shri Anand Ketkar, Rajesh's and Anand's deafparents, Smt Jyoti and Shri Kiran Kumar, Smt and ShriDigant Dani, Smt and Shri Vidbhadra Rathod and others- are lovely and co-operative. They arranged nicely for SDD programmes in Vadodara. That is why I am keen to visit there again and again. Bangalore is very very far from Vadodara, but my heart is becoming closer to them."

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