Wednesday, September 27, 2006

International Day of the Deaf on 26th September 2006

Laxmeshwar (Gadag): International Day of Deaf would be observed at the residential school for hearing impaired children, run by the G.D.Tatti ( Annavaru ) Memorial Charitable Trust, in Laxmeshwar on Tuesday. (26th September 2006)

Somanath Mahajanashettar, secretary of the trust, said the annapoorna scheme would be launched on the occasion. Kotrabasappa Bari and his wife, who have donated Rs. 1 lakh for the scheme, would be felicitiated.

Established in 1997-98, the school stands on a five-acre plot donated by the Tatti family. It has 170 students, fifty per cent of them being girls. The school imparts education from Standard 1 to 10. The first batch of SSLC students would pass out this academic year.

The school does not collect any fees from the students and is run with aid from the Central government and philanthropists. The school has a well-equipped building, hostel and qualified teachers. Besides formal education, children are provided training in computer, tailoring, gardening and embroidery.

Somanath said several software companies like eMphasis, Mindtree, and Texas Technologies among others had come forward to donate computers and technical know-how. Plans were also afoot to set up a special computer laboratory to train students. The institution was also planning to start a pre-school where the children are given speech therapy at an early stage.

Nirjanjana Mahaswamy of Hoovinashigli Viraktamath will grace the occasion. Shirahatti MLA G.S.Gadadavarmath will be the chief guest. President of Sanatana Dharma for the Deaf Anant Devaji and prinicipal of the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Dr. I.PGouramma will be the guests of honour.

( Taken from Times of India, Hubli - September 2006 )

Anantadevji's Speech is as follows:

Two weeks back Ms Janani from International Deaf Children Society (Bangalore) spoke highly of this esteemed school of the deaf, remarked that this school is one of the best ones which she has ever visited. Later I got sms from the secretary Shri Somanath requesting me to be the Chief Guest at this function during International Deaf Day Celebration. I agreed to be so because I want to boost these deaf students’ morale and narrow the gap between the deaf and the hearing.

Since in India the deaf in general have backwardness in many areas like education, profession, and others and the hearing people generally also have some negative attitudes about the deaf, I am very glad to know that the school’s aim is to motivate the students to be socially and economically advanced. I don’t want the deaf to depend heavily on their parents and siblings but to learn how to stand on their own feet.

My group is called Sanatana Dharma for the Deaf ( SDD ). It strives for the cultural, educational, social and spiritual activities of the deaf not only in India but also in a few parts of the world. It instills confidence into the deaf as the better citizens. Bhagavad-Gita gives a lot of wonderful information about science of soul. It can give the deaf spiritual strength if they understand it - The deaf may be physically deaf but actually they are not spiritually so. So they should not be disheartened about their deafness but should be always positive about their abilities. We should always be grateful and pray to Great God. In this way we can live our better lives.

May God bestow His chosen blessings upon you all.

( 26th September 2006 )

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