Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Steven and Anantadev

We, the members of SDD, miss Steven Wilhelm who left Bangalore for USA on 11th October 2005. Being a professional analyst, he was instructed by his company in USA to work for its branch in Bangalore from January 2005. During SDD programme in National College, Jayanagar on 2nd October we hosted short farewell party for him. Being admirer of rich heritage and culture of India, he enjoys being absorbed himself in Indian culture.

During Janmashtami programme in Bangalore on 28th August, Steven helped Anantadev a lot. Since he usually hugs others (whenever they meet), Anantadev called him `Hugging Steven’. He and K.S.Chandramouli are very close to each other. And he is greatly impressed by Chandramouli’s character. He is also dear to students of Sheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf.

Steven was very disappointed to leave Bangalore unexpectedly as instructed by his company. He misses deaf persons here, people here, Indian culture, Bangalore and India. He hopes to visit here again in the future.

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